The Search for OBSIDIAN


OBSIDIAN is a centuries-old secret group born out of a combination of existentialism, transcendentalism, individualism, naturalism, and anarchy. They argue that humanity will only be pure of spirit by disconnecting from society, returning to nature and becoming self-reliant. It is based on the teachings of people like Nietzsche, Thoreau, Emerson, Kirkegaard, Kant, Wilde, Rousseau, Burke, and others.

In the past century, it has lost the focus on the betterment of individuals and has taken on a destructive focus. Most recently, Ted Kaczynski (also known as the Unabomber) laid out his version of OBSIDIAN’s worldview in his manifesto titled Industrial Society and its Future. He has never admitted to being a part of the secret organization, but circumstantial evidence definitely points to him as possibly being their only known operative.

OBSIDIAN plans to bring the world back to the Dark Ages, turning the earth into the black rock it was centuries ago. It believes that human advancement through communication and collaboration with today’s technology is causing more harm than good, and that humanity can only be truly saved by disconnecting from society and being self-reliant.

CHROME is devoted to stopping this organization through any means necessary.

Gather the CLUES to Solve the Mystery of OBSIDIAN

To solve the mystery of OBSIDIAN, you must be promoted through the ranks of CHROME agents by earning XP. Each time you earn a new rank, you will be given a clue that has been gathered throughout your progress. Try to use those clues to unlock each lock in the form below. If you get an answer wrong, you will see that message. If you get the answer correct, the message will go away.

Once you have all four clues solved, SUBMIT the form to see the truth behind the leader of OBSIDIAN.