The Game


The objective of the game is to identify the location of the OBSIDIAN headquarters and unveil the leader, ending the organization’s stranglehold on progress and human advancement.


There are 12 Units to complete in the Level 1 Google Certification Training. After completing the Unit Review for each unit, you will be given a mission to complete. This mission will require you to use the skills and information gained from that particular Google Certification unit. These missions are to prepare you for the scenarios you will see on the Google Certification Exam at the end of the training.

As you work your way through the units and the missions, you will earn XP or “experience points”. The more points you earn, the better your chances are of discovering the location and unveiling the leader of OBSIDIAN.

Everyone who unveils the leader of OBSIDIAN will be entered into a drawing for a pretty awesome prize!

How to Play:

Missions (100 XP each):

Complete a Unit in the Google Certification training. Once you’ve completed the unit, follow THIS LINK to let us know that the unit is complete. You will then receive an email with a link and a password which will give you access to that unit’s mission.

The mission will include objectives for you to achieve in order to complete the activity. These objectives will require you to use the Google tools that you learned about in the corresponding unit. The mission will also include links to any resources or information you might need.

Note: There is no mission tied to Unit 13 of the Google Certification.

RECON (60 XP possible per mission):

At the end of each mission, you will have the option to complete any or all of three RECON objectives. These secondary objectives will incorporate other useful tech applications (mostly non-Google) that we think teachers should know about. These objectives will require you to explore these tools and share your experiences with us. Each RECON objective will be worth 10, 20 or 30 XP based on the difficulty.


As you earn XP throughout the process, you will be able to level up from Rookie to Veteran. As you reach each level, you will be given a clue that will help you discover the true identity of the leader of OBSIDIAN.

Level Breakdown:

Intern    0 – 399 XP
Cadet    400 – 799 XP
Agent     800 – 1199 XP
Chief      1200 – 1499 XP
Director   1500 – 1920 XP

How to Unlock the Identity of leader of OBSIDIAN:

The identity of the leader of OBSIDIAN is contained within a Digital Breakout. There are four clues that you will receive as you level up from Intern. Each clue will complete one of the locks in the Google Form on THIS PAGE. For more information on how Digital Breakouts work, take a look at THIS WEBSITE and to try some other sample Digital Breakouts, go to THIS PAGE.