What is CHROME?

CHROME (Coordinated Humanitarian Resource Office for a Modern Earth) is a 100-year-old organization focused on maintaining global progress through behind-the-scenes funding and support of those at the forefront of medical, social, and educational advancement. CHROME was created after WWI by progressive scientists, inventors and mathematicians who wanted to see the technological advancements which came about because of the Great War continue to improve life instead of destroy it.

While primarily a philanthropic organization, it does have a secret military branch. CHROME operatives have been secretly battling against another evil and mysterious organization since the beginning. The evil organization is known as OBSIDIAN whose worldview is focused on bringing the world back to the Dark Ages. It plans to accomplish this goal by ending modern communication and thus eliminating all human advancement. The organization has an unknown leadership structure and no members have ever been taken alive. Apparently they communicate through old world means and through codes hidden in today’s technology. Legend has it that there are 12 OBSIDIAN locations spread around the world.

For more information about OBSIDIAN and its origins, visit this page.

YOUR MISSION is to complete objectives at each of the OBSIDIAN locations and work towards locating the central headquarters and bringing an end to the evil organization.